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You are so busy that you can’t even find someone to help you, or it would take longer to explain and delegate things than taking care of them on your own?

Remotely forwarding tasks to a permanently available virtual assistant sounds like the perfect solution to this. Unfortunately, that’s usually only the theory – the reality tends to be different.

Best case Virtual assistants are well-qualified and flexible multi-talents. However, a lot of the money you pay does not reach your virtual assistant, because intermediary agencies take their shares. The outcome for your assistant is a comparably low income level, which likely results in frequent changes who you’re working with. Plus you may struggle to find someone enough qualified for more sophisticated task.

At VPExperts you are not dealing with constantly changing rookies and interns. You’re working with experienced experts with a proven track record. We don’t delegate tasks – we personally take care of them. That’s how we deliver our top quality results.

It’s not our ambition to grow out of proportion, sign loads of new clients and permanently work at unhealthy capacity levels. Our goal is a trusting, long-term working relationship at the highest mutual confidence level with partners that also fancy communicating at a level playing field.

Curious to hear more how that works? Drop us a note and we’re happy to get into touch with you.

Our SERVICES at a glance







VPA services, your virtual personal assistant.

Our VPA services range from back office tasks to classical office management. You are gaining an assistant that, although virtual, becomes an integral part of your daily business covering your back and helping out your team.

Office management & back office

  • Research task

  • Calendar management

  • Travel and event planning

  • Transcription

  • Business correspondence

  • Reviewing and formatting

  • Document creation

  • Data input and maintenance

  • Preparation of accounting files

  • Copy-editing

VPE services, your virtual personal expert.

Our VPE services include everything marketing, market research or sales related and many more areas in which we are happy to support you in making your business even more successful. You need a highly skilled specialist on short notice? We are always there, when hiring someone internally is too lengthy and you need someone to take care of your business and get stuff done right away.

Marketing, design & sales support

  • Website design & online marketing

  • Blog editing

  • Onsite and offsite SEO

  • Google expertise (SEO, ads, amp, analytics, pagespeed, webmaster tools)

  • Controlling and optimization of affiliate programs

  • Newsletter creation

  • Social media management

  • Editorial projects

  • Creative text creation

  • PowerPoint and Prezi presentations

  • Project management

  • Event management

  • Controlling

  • Market research

  • Sales support

  • Translations

  • Media design & image editing

VPC Services, your virtual personal consultant.

Our VPC becomes useful for you when you temporarily need expert advice in sensitive or new areas. Whether it’s a confidential matter you cannot handle internally, an expertise in a venture capital case, you need someone to conduct a complex licensing deal or the interim management of your marketing department – we’re here to bring your project to a success.

Consulting & intermediation

  • Market analysis entertainment & automotive industry

  • Intermediation of collaborations

  • Negotiation of licensing agreements

  • Business planning

  • Strategic planning

  • Interim management of marketing and PR teams

  • Trainings, teaching & lecturing

VPExperts, the TEAM

Karin VPExperts


Besides my degree in business administration, I have gathered over 20 years of practical experience and qualifications in various media companies, publications and for manifold clients on all hierarchical levels. This includes the marketing responsibility for a well-known techy publication, the organization of big events, an excursion into the strategic planning department of a renowned German bank and the assistant department head media & market research of one of the biggest German publishing houses.

I’m co-founder of VPExperts and my own boss since 2015. My biggest strength is sensing and scenting customer needs and achieving top results without lengthy briefings.

One of my personal projects that I’m probably most proud of is our travel website, the FLASHPACKER TRAVELGUIDE. Despite initially being a hobby project and the great abundance of competition in this field, I managed to establish this site within the relevant set leading publications in no time.

Henning VPExperts


After having received my university degree in business administration, I have gathered many years of practical experience in expert and leadership positions in the fields of marketing, controlling and project management, including department head roles.

I have taken over marketing specific responsibilities as the Head of Marketing at a famous multinational Japanese video game developer and publisher and as the Senior Project Leader Entertainment Marketing Co-Operations for a renown German car brand.

Upon deciding to become self-employed in 2014 and founding VPExperts, I have been consulting various companies from the automotive and entertainment sector. My favorite assignment is to strategically connect and intermediate between Asian and western enterprises of both industries.

Outside the classical business projects, I am a tech nerd and especially enjoy tuning websites from a technical and content perspective. Over the years I have also gathered quite a solid background on the legal and commercial topics around running your own online business.

We are looking forward to help you move your projects forward and give you more time to focus on the essential aspects of your business (or life).

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